Targething firearms training offers multiple NRA certified courses designed to meet all your training, education and state mandated needs, including training that meets the requirements of Ohio's carry concealed bill.
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Please visit our well-stocked GUN SHOP, located at the A&A Shooting & Hunting Club in Nelson, OH.

Firearms and safety should go hand in hand. At Targething we are committed to crafting safety minded, knowledgeable and confident firearms owners in a comfortable setting.

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Targething firearms training courses are
regularly scheduled in multiple locations within
northeastern Ohio.  Private classes can be
arranged for your club or organization.
Contact us for details.

CCW?  Feel like you are throwing your money away by taking a state required course when you already know how to shoot?  Even the most experienced of shooters will learn from our courses.  Even though you have experience with firearms and are capable of hitting what you aim at, how much experience do you have in Defensive Shooting?  When was the last time a paper target attacked anyone?  Let us show you the difference in targetshooting and shooting to defend yourself and your family.  If the state says that you have to pay money for a class for your Concealed Carry Permit, why not take one that teaches you something that you don't already know?

Please read about us in a recent article published in the Akron Beacon Journal.

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